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I have been practicing Workers’ Compensation Law and successfully litigating my clients’ cases for greater than three and a half decades across the State of Florida, but now I have limited my practice to the Southern end of the state covering Monroe, Miami-Dade and Palm Beach Counties. I am dedicated to serving my clients' individual needs and interests with my extensive experience and knowledge of Florida’s workers’ Compensation Law

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The law firm of William E. Gregory, P.A. has been serving its clients since 1999.

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The law firm of William E. Gregory, P.A. originated from the law firm of Robert H. Gregory, P.A., which was the law firm created by my father, a well known Workers' Compensation practitioner who defended Employers and Workers' Compensation Insurance Carriers in the South Florida area for greater than 50 years. Building on the knowledge and experience gained from 16 plus years under the tutelage of such an experienced trial and appellate lawyer, William E. Gregory, P.A. began in 1999. From my landmark office located on Historic Coral Way in Miami, please let me use my years of experience to assist you with your Workers' Compensation case. I am experienced, knowledgeable and skilled in obtaining favorable results and my rates are most reasonable. If you have any questions concerning Florida’s Workers’ Compensation Law, please do not hesitate to contact me either via a phone call or e-mail.

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